Martin Denny - Baked Alaska

Only available for a short time and now deleted this a rare treat.

Recorded in September 1964, at the Officers Club at Elmendorf Air Force Base at Anchorage Alaska and broadcast live on Alaskan Air Force Command radio.

Although Denny played hundreds of live shows during his active career, none save this one has ever been released. In fact, the liner notes tout Baked Alaska as "his one and only live recording." For fans of exotica, this is like unearthing a long-lost live performance from the Beatles or the Rolling Stones.

As "Baked Alaska" starts, it seems like Denny and company is just another lounge combo paid to provide some musical wallpaper to the chattering officers and wives. It takes a few tunes to win over the crowd, but once that happened Denny is in full control. In-between songs, he banter is informative and captivating. It's always a treat to hear a music master narrate an evening's performance.

The real fun of Baked Alaska is hearing Denny and the rest of his band include the bird calls and tropical sounds into their live performance. There is something magical about hearing all the pieces of Denny's trademark sound come together for live takes of his best known tunes. It gives those who were too young to see Denny live themselves a great taste of what his shows were like.

The quality is what is to expected from a radio recording of the era and the final tune "Lovely Lona" is quickly cut short by a radio announcer, but none of these minor technical flaws can mar such a great musical treasure.

1. Busy Port
2. Bacoa
3. Bali Ha'i
4. Girl From Ipanema
5. A-Me-Ri-Ca
6. Tiki Pagan Rituals
7. Taste Of Honey, A
8. Keep Your Eyes On The Hands
9. Beyond The Reef
10. Under The Double Eagle
11. Quiet Village
12. Hawaiian Wedding Song
13. Tahitian Drums - (dance)
14. World Of Suzie Wong, The
15. Manhattan
16. Burma Train
17. Lovely Lona

Denny Alaska

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